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St Finbar’s Netball Club – U/11 Rotation Policy

St Finbar’s Netball Club participates in the Sandringham and District Netball Association (SDNA) competition. For the 11&Under sections there are no ladders and no season finals. A Round Robin is played at the end of the season.

 This is done for a number of reasons:

  • Children starting out in netball have the opportunity to develop their skills without the pressure of ladders and finals.
  • It encourages coaches to rotate players around all court positions to allow for solid skill development in each area.
  • It allows the players to experience the range of positions on court and understand how to play the game and develop their tactical and technical skills.
  • It allows for the differing pace of skill development that occurs at this age without “pigeon holing” players into positions. Children who show specific strengths at the beginning of the season may develop very different strengths as they and their game matures.

St Finbar’s Netball Club fully supports this approach to junior age netball. It is expected that players in the 11&Under competition have the opportunity throughout the season to rotate in all court positions.

This policy is in line with the Netball Australia Junior Netball policy which can be found here: